Narrative No.1: Majdanek

The series presents a set of transparencies that were bought in the museum shop of the concentration camp Majdanek. The slides, which were numbered by the museum, create a didactic, predetermined viewing order. The text that appears at the bottom of each page is taken from the label on the transparencies container:

The National Museum of Majdanek
Set No.1
37 transparencies. Price: 60 Zloti

My memory of the Holocaust, like the memory of anyone who did not experience it first hand, is a constructed one: a memory of an experience that was established by an event which they did not undergo. This memory is a product of impressions, both visual and verbal, that the secondary witness experienced through pictures, movies, books, from first-hand witnesses and more. This constructed memory, like any type of construct, passes through ideological filters, which take their place in the mainstream. Hence the collective memory conditions not only the memory itself, but also the way in which we remember.

By observing its subject from a distant perspective, the series asks to re-think the way historical events and trauma is perceived, as well as the role that photographic images have in this perception.